Skill Level Descriptions

These are descriptions given by Phil Capelle on pg. 386 in his book, Play Your Best Pool. These descriptions fit very nicely with the A,B,C, &D levels provided in Dr. Dave’s ratings comparison chart. They also offer excellent assistance in helping us group players into our four divisions.

A+  Touring Pro – the best. Skilled in every area of the game. Breaks and runs out multiple racks regularly. Definitely in a class by themselves. 

A    A professional quality player who can compete with and occasionally beat all but the best players. Very skilled, solid, and consistent. Runs multiple racks quite often. Tough to beat.

A –  Another big jump is required to break through to the “A” level. This group of players could be classified as semi-pros or top amateurs. They are very skilled in all facets of the game. They run out easily and very often. 

B+   Players at this level are often mistaken for lower level A players when they are playing well because they play a very tough, well-rounded game. They can run out from nearly anywhere at any time. 

B     A solid, advanced player – these players can run out fairly regularly, but lack a little consistency.

B-    This is perhaps the biggest hurdle, as a good number of players peak at the C+ level. A B- is a good player who is quite capable of running a rack of Eight Ball or Nine Ball. However, they usually lack consistency.

C+    Above average player – this group plays a very acceptable game of pool. They tend to dominate their level of competition. 

C      An average player – describes a large section of pool enthusiasts with experience who’s games perhaps have leveled off, or that only play occasionally. 

C-    A below average player – this denotes a player with some recognizable skills who has definitely risen from the ranks of the beginners. This is the first major milestone. 

D     A beginner or someone who plays so infrequently that their game remains in the beginner category.